Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Movin' on Up

I went.....
From This.......(2010-2011)




This change actually didn't happen directly one after the other. I mean, yeah, it happened in processional order. First the scooter, second the motorcycle. But they were years apart.

I love it. It's awesome. That is all.

2 In a Week!?!?!? I suppose I must Carry on

You are all blown away. I know. I am blown away too. TWO posts within like...a weeks time? Crazy I know.

So now that I have a normal hours job, and have been able to focus on music a bit more, I've decided to maybe....start posting songs.

So there's this website called "Omegle.com". The idea of this is that you hit "start" or whatever, and then you're instantly paired up with a random stranger to chat. The general population on that site (as i rapidly discovered) is perv 15 year old boys looking to talk dirty. So you can leave the conversation as soon as you want if the circumstances aren't what you are looking for, and move onto the next stranger. So, needless to say, it took me a minute to find a real person. I happened upon a girl (supposedly) who told me a rather sad tale. Her Mom had cancer, and was in really bad shape and only getting worse. Her family's house had recently burnt down. She was the oldest of 4 or 5 kids, and was taking care of the whole family. She talked about how hard it was, but how she knew she had to keep going to be there for her Mom and family.

Now, whether this was ACTUALLY true, who knows; however, I like to believe it was. And if it wasn't, well it was still inspiration for a good song, so that's all that matters to me. So without further adieu, here is a video and the lyrics of that song, entitled: "Carry On". (I've never professed to be great singer. I do alright, but whatevs)
Carry On

She puts on a happy face
She smiles and claims she’s fine
Underneath it all, she’s lost in smoke and flames

Everything is gone, the end of it all
She never saw it coming, so fast and so strong
Screaming and yelling her name, there's nothing more she can do
She lifts her head up, and carries on

Come here my little one, I have some news for you
Mama is dyin, The world as she knows it is gone
It is gone

She’s being brave. All that she's got now
The only choice on hand
Everything is gone

When will it be her turn?
When will it go her way?
When will she ever know?
Why it all happened that way…….

Everything is gone, the end of it all
She never saw it coming, so fast and so strong
The end of it all, she’s going at it alone
She lifts her head up, and carries on

The end of it all
 She’s Going at it alone
She lifts her head up, and carries on

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Here I Am

Whoa....here I am. I bet you thought I died huh? I guess it's been over a year....A year and like...2 months and a couple week, couple days, and stuff. Yeah, it's been a while. SORRY!!!

So a lot has changed in this time frame. I started working at Convergys, for a graveyard shift (I think this was mentioned previously), and have since moved on from there. I wasn't really looking for a job, but one happened to fall in my lap. I currently work for a Home Warranty company. It's a pretty amazing company. They started in 2006, and have grown exponentially since then. There is a lot of room for growth there, and that's currently where i'm at.

Brent is on a mission now, in Chile, Mision Concepcion South, and has been there for quite some time (8 months already?? Crazy)

So anyway...............I learned i have an amazing talent.....

I learned how to grow a freaking AMAZING beard!!!! 

Yes...in this picture I might appear as one who hails from a middle eastern country....but hey, my beard ROCKS....This picture I think was about 3 months of beard growth. It all started with No Shave November, and then it just kept going. I have since trimmed it back, but it is still there. I love it, however, I'm kinda considering shaving it....or something. Not really sure yet. But yes, I now know I can grow a beard :)

Well that's all I have for now. I really am going to try the blog thing again. I did so well during my college years....and now that I've been out for over a year (hey what a coincidence...same time frame i haven't blogged in) I actually have MORE free time, but I tend to use it doing other things. But blogging is one that I am going to start again. So expect more internets!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It was a fun ride......

I honestly don't know where that phrase came from, but, the last 5 1/2 years have been interesting. Alas, I have finished. I have raced the good race, and finished. I definitely didn't come in first, but I didn't come in last. I now have officially finished all required course work for my Bachelor's degree!!

I really don't know how to feel about this yet. It's kind of an indescribable feeling, and anyone that has experienced this knows what I'm feeling.

What's next? Well, theoretically I'm supposed to start looking at grad schools.....I'm just not sure how it will happen. Grad school is EXPENSIVE, and, my grades just aren't even anything anyone would take a second look at. Hopefully if I do well on the GRE, things will turn out for the best and I can get in somewhere.

For now, for the moment, I am HAPPY! I am proud of myself and this accomplishment! Things will fall into place, I know they will. They always do. But for now, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Remember that time?

Remember that time I used to be good at blogging? Then the school year ended, and I stopped. Like I do every summer? I guess that wasn't really a time, it just happened again. This could be an epic problem come December....why? BECAUSE I'M GRADUATING!!!

Yes. Me. Unbelievable right? Well I know for sure I didn't do it getting straight A's, but I passed all my classes and that's all that matters. Well for this stage at least. Which brings me to my next problem. The real problem. Grad school.

I'm going to be honest. I will be graduating, from BYU, with a cumulative GPA of 2.6 I really don't understand why school has been so difficult for me, but alas, it has. I know from talking to others currently in grad school, for Speech Language Pathology, that most schools require a minimum of 3.0 to get in. I suppose I could have retaken some of the classes I didn't do the best in, but now that BYU has changed their retaking policies, I didn't feel it would be worth it. Especially if I didn't do much better, which is likely. Maybe I don't believe in myself enough, or maybe I didn't study good enough, but it is what it is. All I know is for now, graduating is going to be exciting and something i'm looking forward to.

On other fronts, I still live at home. Is it a bad/good thing? I'm not sure. I do feel like me being there has been beneficial for various reasons, not even particularly my own needs/satisfactions. I feel like I've grown closer to my parents and come to recognize a bit more of who they are what they mean to me. Sappy right? I started a new job this summer at Convergys. Yeah, another call center job, which I don't love, but honestly I'm not hate either. I'm working graveyards, Wednesday-Sunday 11:30 pm-8 am. That's not the best, but it's really slow and I have plenty of time to do what I want (within reason) and can do my homework as well. It's not a career, just something to get me through this semester until I can find something better.

Dating. Well, let's not go there. Cuz, it isn't going on. Sometimes I THINK it/something is going on, but yeah, it's just me and my mind pretending it is. Oh well. someday right? I would go into specifics, but I honestly just don't feel like talking about the lowness that is my dating life.

Well that's about it right now. I will try to write more. Even though my blogs are boring. I guess that's about how my life sums up at this point. But that's ok, life doesn't have to be exciting all the time.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

One Year. Wow.

One year has passed since this all began. I guess technically you could say it began the end of March, but April 28th, 2010 was when I was wrongfully fired. I've commented and posted a few times this past year about things I've learned, but even still it was still quite a depressing ordeal I went through. However, I'm definitely in a better place in my life than I was a year ago, which makes me feel happy about how things went down.

Here's to another year of better-ness!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Almost There

Finals has never done this to me:

The way I see it, you go through the semester, go to class, take tests, write papers, turn in assignments, and it is all SUPPOSED to culminate at the end with the final exam. I find the majority of teachers these days, whether from the goodness of their hearts, or laziness, I find it much easier to get through finals when the exams are equally weighted. Aside from that, being a Senior...well basically a super senior, finals don't stress me anymore. In fact, this semester all i can think of is this.......

Hopefully, as long as everything works out as it should, no, WILL, I will be at a beach similar to this in Florida before too long. Almost THERE!!!!